Tsveiba inför det som komma skall

30 okt 2019

Sandro Tsveiba är abchaziern som föddes i Kiev, som bott i Japan, är uppväxt i Ryssland och som gärna läser och fotograferar på fritiden. Fotbollsutbildningen fick han i den ryska storklubben Lokomotiv Moskva och av sin far, den ryske före detta landslagsmannen Akhrik Tsveiba. Sandro är AFC Eskilstunas starka mittback som tillsammans övriga lagkamrater spikat igen defensiven lagom till den avgörande slutspurten och som gett sig den på att spela kvar Eskilstuna i Allsvenskan.

Hello Sandro, how are you?

-Hello, now I feel good. I am waiting for next match. Becuase when I have matches and officials games, I feel I am alive. You have something, you play, you live. Now it will be a good competition with the Falkenberg team.

What does football means to you Sandro?

-I think football really is everything for me, maybe it is not good but it is like this. I have played football since I was five years old. I love football and every day I think about football, its my life but it ios also my work. Football is always inside me.

What positive and negative things do you see with beeing this passionated that you are?

-The positive thing with this is that you can not be in big football without big passion, but sometimes this passion can be bad for you because you take to much on you. Psychology and mentality is very important and sometimes you put to much pressure on yourself. When I have a bad match and my team loose, sometimes I cannot sleep but I try to find some solutions to be good inside me because this is important.

Today is Thuesday and a day off from training, what do you like to do then?

-You know here, I try to rest good. Before when I had some 2-3 days of I went to Stockholm, I like Stockholm, it is beutiful. Here I am most in my apartment and I read a lot of books and see some good movies. I try to have my free days with positive and good things for me.

What do you like to read?

-Before I read to much romans and especially russian romans, but now I read about science, history and psychology. I have read all russian classics by I also read french and american classics. I do not say it because I am russian but I think the russian classics are the greatest. When you read these books you feel something inside you and I also like to read about the older times.

Were are you borned?

-I am borned in 1993 in Kiev, Ukraine, because my father  was a player and captain of Dynamo Kiev. He also played in the national team of U.S.S.R. and Russia (Akhrik Tsveiba did 17 games for USSR and 8 for Russia). But I would like to tell you about my nationality, I am from Abkhazia. After Kiev, my father played in Japan, my sister is borned in there but I do not remember anything about Kiev and Japan, because when I was three years old we moved to Moscow. So I grew up in Moscow and also love Moscow and Russia because I have all my friends and all my childhood in there.

Tell me about your career with your own words.

-The big parts of my career was in Lokomotiv Moskva, they gave me my first steps in big football and they gave me good football school. I also love this club. I started to play when I was five years old and I stayed in Lokomotiv until I was 20 years old. I played in their U-21-team, but I also was in the first team because the coaches chose me. This time I was with the team but I was young, especially for a central defender position, so I did not play. One day I want to come back to Lokomoti, big parts of my career was there.

-I also was in Hungary in Premier Leuage in 2013, in Ujpest and I played in Croatia in Premier Leuage in 2014 in Osjek. Both these clubs are big and good clubs. Why I went to Europe was because I always wanted to to play in Europe, in Italy, Spain or Germany and I thought it was my first step. After this, it´s not easy to play outside of Russia, because you miss your home and your friends. That´s why I came back to Russia in 2016. I played in the Russian Premier Leuage in Krilya Sovetov and after one season I moved to Dinamo Saint Petersburg in 2017, they played in first Leauge. It was a good team and I had a good year there.

-After Dynamo, I tried my self in Premier Leuge in Fakel Voronezh, it was a good season but after that season it was a little bit problems with the team, sometimes it happens in football. I wanted to stay and the club wanted me to stay, but when we had summer holiday, all the persons in leading positions in the club were changed. But the new people also said they wanted me, but at this time, all russian clubs were complicated with players, because of this I lost time and solutions. I also lost solutions with this club.

-After this, one man called me and said he had a solution with AFC and now I am here. I said, why not, this is a great experience and I wanted to come here and try to help the team.

Have you still these dreams, playing in Spain, Italy or Germany?

-Yes, why not!

Tell me about your experiences of your first time in AFC and Allsvenskan?

-You know, when I came here, it was not hard to be friend with the collective, becuase everyone was friendly. But of course, the first time I had some problems in my head, because you feel alone in a new country and a new city. But also, I understand that I have not got so much time because the season would finish after four months. So becasue of this I understood I must feel good faster, I must show what I can and I must help the team for this four months.

What are your of Eskilstuna as a city?

-I am from a big city, from Moscow. When I came here first, I said, ohh, this is beutiful, I like the churces and the centre. I have one big hobby, I love to make photos and when I came here, I immediately looked at places were I could makes photos.

Has it been many pictures?

-Yes, in the beginning, and many in Stockholm, but my camera unfourtunately is broken now, because it came some water in. When I make photos, going around by bike as my teammates said I had to buy living in Eskilstuna, I feel very relaxed and good.

How is Saulius as a coach?

-You know, he has very big experience. He is good in psychology. When we have this hard situation, it is very important for us! He is always positive and he gives all this positive to the players. He speaks with everybody, he jokes and he give positive for everybody, he gives everything for us to win!

How is your form before the game on Saturday?

-My form is very good now and I feel very good myself!

Have you got some friends in Eskilstuna?

-Yes, Igor, we do speak the same language and I speak with Roland as well, he is from Georgia. One person that I like is Denni Avdic, I feel something for him, he has good vibes. Also I like Adi Nalic, you know what I like from him? He is aggressive on the pitch and I like his confidence, I think this is important for a footballplayer and he is good, but I think he will be even better. Also we have some few young players, we have good defenders that maybe are the future of the team, we have Pontus Rödin that are really good, Adnan Catic, also Jacob Lackell, Daniel Miljanovic and Dmitry, a new player that are very good in the trainings.

The game on Saturday is played on grass, do you prefere grass or plastic grass and why?

-Of course I like natural grass more. To play on artificial grass is hard for your body.

What do you think about the squad in AFC?

-We have good players, we have talented players witch can play good football.

Why are AFC that good in the defense?

-You know, we started to understabnd eachother better, especially me and Jesper. This is a work of the coaches also, we train a lot, they tell us what to do, we see videos of the games and videos of our mistakes so that we will not do them again. But most important is that the players need to understand eachother and now we understand. Good defence is also about all team, midfielders and the forwards, we work hard together!

What psotive things do you take from the last game against Sirius?

-It was many positive things, at this game we was as one team, everyone was together and we showed good football. We created moments and was close to score.

What in our game the last time satisfies you?

-I feel good becuase we defenders did our job, we did not let any goals in and becuase of this I feel good.

You are not only a good defensive player, you also work hard in the offensive situations. When is the first goal for AFC in Allsvenskan coming?

-I hope in this match becuase I want to score. Always I use to score about three goals a year and here I have tried and tried and hopefully it will come on Saturday!

What do you know about Falkenberg?

-I know they won last match with Kalmar and I know they have a forward from Russia, Kirill Pogrebnyak, I know him. This week we will watch some videos about Falkenberg and know more about them.

What do you think of the game on Saturday?

-This game will be for life or dying. It´s like all or nothing, so it will be war. So I am waiting for this match and I like games like this!, says AFC Eskilstunas great defender and nice person, Sandro Tsveiba!

Följ med och heja på Sandro och övriga AFC-spelare i Falkenberg på lördag. Följ med och bidra till att hålla kvar Eskilstuna i Allsvenskan! Spelarna förtjänar ett stort stöd på plats!

Information om Tuna Towers supporterbuss 2 november – Gratis bussresa!

Falkenberg v.s. AFC Eskilstuna kl 13.00 på Falcon Alkoholfri Arena
Avresa kl 06.00 från Pitcher´s, Eskilstuna.
Ett kortare stopp för bensträckare och chaufförsbyte efter vägen.
Ankomst ca 12.00 till i Falkenberg.
Match 13.00
Retur ca 30 min efter matchens slut, stopp för bensträckare och förarbyte efter vägen, åter i Eskilstuna ca 21.30-22.00.

Boka bussplats i länken nedan!


/Joel Hamberg